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Welcome in Ve Nice


Ve Nice: a story of female entrepreneurs

We are proud to introduce Ve Nice, an innovative start-up and academic spin-off of Ca’ Foscari University, founded on July 10th 2018 by five women scientists. Michela Signoretto and Federica Menegazzo, are industrial chemicals, Elena Ghedini, is a materials scientist, Enrica Tanduo is graduates in chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, and Azzurra Meoli, is an industrial engineer. Everything started in the CATMAT research laboratory ( of University of Ca’ Foscari, managed by Michela with the collaboration of Federica and Elena.

We decided to start this new adventure after years of great results in the research setting, in the development of controlled release systems of active molecules. This research lead to the creation of a patent, We deposited an Italian patent application. in the spring of 2018, that has become an international patent application since May 2019 (n. PCT/IB2019/053710).

The engagement of Enrica and Azzurra, young and very resolute, makes our team complete and able to successfully complete even the most ambitious projects. We all have a great passion for the research, we are enthusiastic and we love addressing new challenges.

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