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Cosmetic formulation with controlled release of active ingredients

International application, n. PCT/IB2019/053710 filed on 07/05/2019

Exclusive ownership of Ca 'Foscari, inventors with exclusive use license: Michela Signoretto Federica Menegazzo, Elena Ghedini.


The invention relates to a sustainable and scalable  process for the production of a base consisting of components of natural origin or products derived from wastes or agrifood byproducts, for the formulation of a high-end cosmetic line. The formulation can release the active ingredients in a controlled manner, ensuring an optimal penetration of them on the skin and maximized effectiveness.



The process allows formulating a final product by minimizing the number of components and raw materials used, eliminating the use of some elements (such as surfactants) generally essential in this type of preparation. The method involves the insertion in a single step, or in a couple of steps, of all the ingredients in the reaction environment represented by an aqueous base. Furthermore, in a few steps, it is possible to obtain the formulation in the finished form. The correct ratios between the reagents allow obtaining a homogeneous gel, capable of releasing the active principles in a controlled and prolonged way over time, depending on the chemical-physical features of the matrix..



  • Raw materials of natural origin or deriving from recycling procedures;

  • Cosmetic base able to control the release of active substances over time, to reduce the number of applications;

  • Homogeneous and stable formulation without the use of surfactants, dispersing agents or preservatives;

  • Versatile and easily scalable process;

  • Applications;

  • High-end cosmetic body line;

  • Anti-aging: face cream, eye area;

  • Adjuvant cream in the treatment of acne vulgaris;

  • Anti-Cellulite;

  • Body elasticizer;

  • Strengthening for the scalp/adjuvant to fight hair loss.

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