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Ve Nice is a company that deals with the research and development of chemical specialties and formulation processes, in particular in the cosmetic sector.

The company’s mission is to innovate by offering high-performance products, in the name of essentiality, sustainability and concreteness. The concreteness reflects today, much more than in the past, the need of many consumers who seek not the promise of impossible results but rather the reliability of products whose effectiveness is proven by reliable tests and data. The Ve Nice brand, which was born as a Spin-Off of Ca’ Foscari, becomes a guarantee and a strength for client companies.

The company's core business is the development of technologically advanced innovative processes and formulations with a "green" connotation. All the formulation protocols offered by Ve Nice will be highly performing due to the use of advanced and innovative cutting-edge synthetic techniques. These techniques, developed in the field of Industrial Chemistry, Materials Science and cosmetic formulation, will be adapted from time to time to the type of developed product.

The research teams in-depth and transversal knowledge and experience of these techniques will allow the formulation of multifunctional products (anti-aging function and anti-stain shielding cream for a gel to be used in cosmetics), versatile (for example in the application form, ointment, emulsion, gel, powder) and with high innovative content. The versatility of the synthetic approaches and the formulation protocols will make it possible to optimize customized solutions to respond to customer needs from time to time.


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